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Yay, a bit more a 1000!

2009-06-14 10:27:59 by GuitarrMaster92

Not beacuse anyone care, I just don't also have anything better to do then submitng a post about me, scoring over 1000 medalpoints compained.


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2009-06-17 07:08:14

yea well I have over 4000 medal points

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

Congrats, and sorry for the loss of yor life


2009-07-12 11:34:55

Why would you make a post about having 1000 medal points?
It's really not a great achievement...

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

Well I don't know but what I do know is that you have something against me. Well good luck with your so called life.


2009-07-12 18:46:18

look who's talking-the guy that finds it fun to randomly post in threads insulting people.

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

please leave me alone, It was fun for a while arguing with you, but now it´s just boring.


2009-07-13 14:10:22

Wow 1000 medal points... Are you proud that you don't have much a life? really?

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

Well, proudness is in the eye of the beholder or something like that, thanks for the comment how ever you are to check my proflie^^