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Banned from rewiewing!

2008-11-11 11:34:41 by GuitarrMaster92

Damn, just today 17:30 p.m (SWE timme) I got a message from M-bot that I'am banned from rewieing. Can't I speak out anymore and say what I want to have said? Hope this dosen't get's removed on basic that you can't have a little critcism against NG. You may not care or think that I'm absoluti stupid, but I just want that my mind should be noticed and not removed cause some find a little abusive.


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2008-11-11 11:59:14

Just follow the review guidelines and you'll be fine.

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

Well, I still stand for what I bealive in.

Thanks for the comment.


2008-12-30 17:35:12

Maybe it is not because of what you think but the form how you present and say your ideas. I have nothing against you.

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

First, it was a long time ago wrote this post so I'm chocked you even noticed it.

Second, Mayby you right about he form of the reawies, but it's not like I ever threatend any one or have called them complet idots. But sure mayby some hard words here and there.

Thanks for the comment


2009-03-14 11:36:07

I have something youll enjoy. You have bin snitched on by an over emotional angry internet basement dwelleing hand fucker who dislikes you for telling him the truth, because it hurt him.

Enjoy this theme: r/audio_player/download_song/1672494

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

Ahh OMG, Really good thanks^^


2009-05-01 22:40:56

If you've had problems with review bans, there's a BBS thread made for things like that: 046591

You can ask about why your reviews keep getting deleted in there, if you like (just be sure to read everything in that thread carefully first, though).

GuitarrMaster92 responds:

You know this isn't a vital issue anymore so no offense, but this comment was unnecessary.