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How to waste time.

2009-08-10 05:03:18 by GuitarrMaster92

For no reason I calculated how many days and it's left to the last secret item, first how many days was simpel, it is 4706 untill I reach to sum of experince poin, then I took that divide it with 365, and it's about 13 years untill I reach there! 13 years! I'm not planning to be a member for ever.


2009-07-20 08:30:26 by GuitarrMaster92

I'm gonna make pancakes and serve them up with strawbeery jelly,

No really pancakes are delicous, but that dosen't mean you have to make post about it so peapole please ignore this.

Something I missed.

2009-07-14 11:58:10 by GuitarrMaster92

This april I missed that I have now been a NG member for over 2 whole years, hmm I shall celebrate it some how? Nah propbly not but it´s not to think back how you was NG member then and a how you are now. Well in in my case not so much but still two years, you have grown littel bit a least.

That's all folks.

Greetings Anton

p.s I rather not use my crappy username.

Yay, a bit more a 1000!

2009-06-14 10:27:59 by GuitarrMaster92

Not beacuse anyone care, I just don't also have anything better to do then submitng a post about me, scoring over 1000 medalpoints compained.


2009-05-25 11:35:43 by GuitarrMaster92

For god sake don't look what the contents of this link is you will regret doing it

Banned from rewiewing!

2008-11-11 11:34:41 by GuitarrMaster92

Damn, just today 17:30 p.m (SWE timme) I got a message from M-bot that I'am banned from rewieing. Can't I speak out anymore and say what I want to have said? Hope this dosen't get's removed on basic that you can't have a little critcism against NG. You may not care or think that I'm absoluti stupid, but I just want that my mind should be noticed and not removed cause some find a little abusive.

Not so important news!

2008-05-20 02:04:16 by GuitarrMaster92

I've come up with 100 submissons reviews ... that is all (told you it was not important)